Sometimes fear is a monster hiding under my bed, waiting for the chance or opening to jump into my head. Once in it twists and turns, stabbing me like a knife. It’s been an unwelcome companion for what seems like my whole life. What can I do now to make it go away? There have been so many reasons for it to come and stay. And yet, I still fight it, day in and day out; wondering if its hold on me will one day give out.

I know the answer to my question even as I wait. The hope that rises in me and it’s name is Faith. Faith stands tall and straight with his head held up high, faith is not afraid to look fear in the eye because he knows he is stronger than the little monster of fear. He knows that he’ll win the battle should fear dare to come near.

But like most everything in life, Faith only comes as a choice – for fear is instilled in everyone before we find our voice. Then we will awaken and find Faith by our side – the hope that he gives us comes in like the rushing tide, sweeping away all the traces we’ve held on to for years. Faith has caused the death now of all my fleshly fears.


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