skip, skip, skip…

Definitely not skipping into my days freely lately. It would seem that all teenagers think that I am from hell and are inclined to tell me so. Does not put me into the best of moods.

I asked a few people on FB randomly: when you decide someone is saying or doing something without even listening to what they are saying or even looking at what they are doing…what is that called?

It was interesting to see the responses and there were a couple that really stood out to me. One was the word conjecturing meaning to form an opinion or supposition about (something) on the basis of incomplete information.  

I think this completely described what I have been dealing with lately because it seems if I say or do anything I will get attacked for something that I wasn’t even doing or saying mid-sentence. It’s as though the other person, teenager in this instance, tries to tell me what I am thinking or saying before even listening to what I am saying.

I’m just trying to wrap my head around the reasoning and thinking behind it. I understand that the teenage years are often a time that there is rebellion and thinking that all adults are wrong and don’t think normally or are somehow evil. But I don’t get it.

Then a young person said: it’s almost like being on autopilot. I asked for clarification and he said: “Where you can fully function but really your brain is asleep”. 

That really makes a lot of sense from a different angle.

There are certain parts of the country that I have been to that it seems most all people are on some sort of autopilot oblivious to everything around them. It’s almost an arrogance and a defiance at times. So strange compared to everything I’ve ever known.

I keep forgetting when it  is Thursday so my post is late and I missed one last week.

Six more weeks til vacation. If I make it that long. 🙂

Thanks for reading and any comments you might have are greatly appreciated!