I will never be…

I will never be someone I am not. No matter whether I try to. I will always be the girl that
sees the good and beauty in everyone. Even the flaws. I will always be the girl who sees people as people. With compassion and love. I will always be the honest, loving, sometimes ornery one who can turn any situation into something to learn from.

I will never be one to take revenge even if someone hurts me badly. I will love them even through it all. That doesn’t mean that I won’t cry. It doesn’t mean that part of me won’t be broken.

It just means that I can love. It means that I have learned to put others before myself.

It means that I can see that though someone hurts me, rejects me, or wants to make me miserable – that I can see past that. It doesn’t mean that I will stand and allow it to continue. It means that I can forgive. It doesn’t mean that I invite it to my life. It means that I allow others to be themselves – including being ugly.

We all have an ugly part. We choose whether or not people see it. We hide behind our fake smiles. Or we isolate and keep it a secret.

But we can never be who we are not. We can only be who we are. We can only embrace ourselves as who we are and eventually, hopefully, come out on the other side having learned something from it.