Prisoner of Silence

Sitting on the bed, legs crossed, and still,
She sits and wonders how her life could be so real
that it’s like a fantasy – a fantasy gone bad.
She stops and smiles at herself wondering how she didn’t go mad
or maybe she really is and just doesn’t know.

She bows her head as the tears begin to flow.
So many things have happened to her, she must laugh at her lot
For years she sat in a darkened cave alone and distraught.
So familiar with heartache she wanted to run and hide
but every time she moved she always seemed to collide
into a wall that was unseen, held in place by tightened chains
that cut deep into her flesh causing even greater pains.

Sometimes she had to stop fighting and just sit down and rest
and it sometimes seemed like resting put a bigger burden on her chest.
The weights grew so heavy that she knew she couldn’t stand
she fell to the dirty floor unable to comprehend
how life could be so hard, full of disappointment and fear
And happiness seemed to turn and run anytime she came near.
She didn’t know that things are often much different than they appear.

Everyday she heard them taunting her, playing their heartless games,
she cried so much she eventually believed herself to be all those names
that they gave to her, assigned to her, thought of her to be,
and all she ever dreamt of was to one day be free.
If darkness could be tangible she could hold it in her hands,
for it shrouded her and held her captive in its chilling land.
A prisoner of silence she was sentenced early on,
parole wasn’t an option she was sentenced without doing wrong.

So in her small cave of darkness she sat as a little girl
Afraid and brokenhearted this became her only world
Nightmares kept her dreams far from her reach
And terrors icy hand held her tight and took her speech
She fell deeper into a hole of depression and despair
Always hoping for a hand to reach out to her and to care.
She lost her voice deep inside of her and silence took its place.
It filled her heart and mind without leaving a single trace
of who she really was or what she was here to be.
This hovel became her home and she had no way to flee.

It was a while that she sat there, still, in her cellblock.
The guards of Fear and Self-hatred always came to mock.
They came to her cell and teased her through the iron bars
They whipped her with their hands and words leaving many scars.
What was left within her? There was nothing ever spoke.
Did she mean anything to anyone or was her life just a joke?
She wasn’t laughing, she was crying tears too big to shed
The wounds continued bleeding and infection seemed to spread.
She knew that she wouldn’t make it, she knew that she would die
For years she’d been in this place there was no one to reply.
Words are like arrows and sometimes pierce us to the core
They’re thrown around haphazardly and then they’re thrown some more.
To this prisoner of silence, alone in her cell,
A word of life could do so much, it could change her world.

She cried out daily for a rescue to take place
She longed for her time to be up and maybe she could taste
A part of life she’d never known to be available to see
Something different from the ugly darkness, where is her beauty?

A guard came to the cell with a visitor in tow
Said his name was Truth and he had a richened glow
that lifted some of the darkness that had cuffed her in so tight.
It was then that she began to see things in a different light.
He told her she he could free her and her eyes changed with a small hope
She was very scared and put her chained hands out slightly to grope
To find his hand not knowing what to expect
He gave her something glassy that seemed to reflect.
She saw it was a mirror and held it up to her eyes.
They were full of pain and sorrow, there was no way to disguise
The anguish and abuse that covered her in a shallow grave
She had become more than a victim, she’d become a slave.
She wept softly at what her life had become
in her mouth held silently chained still and unused sat her tongue.
Truth stared into her eyes and said what do you want me to do?
Let me tell you a story and I’ll ask again when I’m through.
I’ve known you for a while now and I’ve been waiting for your call.
It was when you cried out for a rescue that your chains began to fall
Sitting silent and in this cell, with her head down and eyes half closed
She decided she needed to look again and see the way Truth glowed.

She lifted up her head and tried to focus her eyes
Suddenly she saw Truth above all the mountain of lies.
She wasn’t all alone as she had thought before
The truth had been there waiting for her like an open door.
All the years of lies ran – she heard them shrieking down the hall
The more she focused on the Truth, the more the lies got small.
The chains began to break, their hold could be no more
For Truth had it’s vengeance and higher was his score.

She shifted on the bed as the tears continued to flow.
She thanked God for her freedom from the undertow.
Finally she made it to where she wanted to be
Finally, yes finally, she was free.




What is love to me? I had to think about this for a while and my answer is long I guess. Of course, would I ever have an answer that was short? Nope.

  • Love is being yourself with another and knowing that they don’t fault you for it. When you can truly be the person you are when no one else is around – that is when you are truly you and truly loving. The greatest gift you can give anyone really is to be yourself. Anything else is denying them the beauty of who you are. 
  • Love is having a conversation, even if it turns into an argument, but knowing that in the end it’s going to turn into a deeper respect for the other person. How many times have you had someone speak the truth to you and it stings, but later you realize that they were really being a true friend and loved you enough to really speak truth in love. To love is to be truly honest and sometimes it causes a lot of pain at first.
  • Love is also taking the time to let others see you for who you really are and letting them take away from it what they need and not forcing it.
  • Love is a breaking down of yourself and letting yourself go with total abandon, passion and confidence in knowing that it’s okay to do that.
  • Love is little things in life too like sharing a smile. Small gestures, like the touch of a hand, a very small conversation, or even just a hello. You’d be surprised at how small things really are big things to some people.
  • Love is accepting others even when their beliefs are different from your own and letting them talk about their beliefs all they want without condemnation.
  • Love is taking the time to talk to someone when you see that they are in trouble – even if it is just to listen to what they have to say. Listening is one of the biggest ways to show someone that you care.
  • Love is sometimes saying nothing at all and cannot be confined to space or time.
  • Love is not clinging, but allowing freedom to be separate.
  • Love is being one with another, something that is hard to achieve, but possibly doable with commitment and taking time to really see.
  • Love involves mistakes, and perhaps regrets, but is something that will take a lifetime to learn.
  • Love is knowing all the ugly and good and not wavering.
  • Love is certainly not arrogant but yet holds itself in its own category; special and set apart, yet full embraceable by all who come near.
  • Love can be made simple or it can be made complex. It doesn’t have to be extravagant but even in its simplicity can be the most extravagant and costly thing you’ve ever taken a chance on.

I believe if you have love the rest will follow. Without loving yourself it is impossible to love another but it is allowing yourself to put someone else before you, giving up all selfishness. Without love you only have one thing left – death, for to love is to live. This is not speaking only of a lifetime partner you are with, but all of those in your life including yourself. Without love there would be fighting and hatred and depression everywhere and yet with love at times there can be the same.

So I guess to me, love is laughter and pain mixed into one and together they grow into something so beautiful it takes your breath away. We are all one big beautiful mess and that’s okay.